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Lauren Steinberg

Specialist in CRM: Customer engagement and retention, user lifecycle communications


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Today’s consumer looks for brands that they can identify with. One who aligns with their morals and principals and feels like a friend. For over 5 years, I’ve worked on creative marketing teams, bringing to life the stories that make a brand human.

I develop and grow brand identities, messaging and personality based on careful investigation of your brand’s unique user profile. Creating a sense of trust and loyalty in your consumers is my specialty.

Customer Engagement and Retention

This means meeting your customer where they are, and giving them what they need. I work with product teams to identify key moments for user engagement, bringing creative concepts to life and A/B testing for continuous optimization.

By understanding customer’s pain points and communicating product value in the right moments, I develop customer journeys to keep them coming back.

Email Marketing

How many times a day do you check your email? I’d bet, it’s a lot. Email marketing allows companies to have a direct communication channel with their user, and if used correctly, it can be an excellent, inexpensive tool to engage, convert, and retain customers.

I work with content creation teams and engineers to develop impactful email communications. Everything from copywriting, email template design, segmentation and experimentation are in my tool belt.

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Product Marketing Manager, CRM Manager


International Communications Manager, Americas

Nike, Inc.

Communications Specialist

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